Falling Leaf Mastiffs

About Us

I started in the sport of dogs in 1992 showing Rottweilers and working with other handlers.  
 I really became infatuated with Mastiffs because of their size and gentle demeanor.  After much research and the mentoring of many respectable breeders, I decided to purchase my first Mastiff. 
 In 1994 I got my first Mastiff and finished him that year.
  Today, I have all Mastiffs and they are truly a big part of my life.

                                                        If you are new to this breed, please do your research.
                As much as we love this breed, it is not a breed for everyone.  Obedience classes,  proper exercise,
                       veterinarian care and proper nutrition are essential.  We have links you can go to for more
                                                                  information about Mastiffs and their care. 

Member of the Mastiff Club of America since 2000

Member of Southern States Mastiff Fanciers

Member of the

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